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not so GRIMM

gentle fables and cautionary tales

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not so GRIMM  

gentle fables and cautionary tales

by Becky Haigler

November 20, 2009

Here's what people are saying about not so GRIMM:

This collection of 12 tales by poet Becky Haigler is unexpected, refreshing, and fun to read. It's in the style of magical realism, pioneered by 20th century South American writers, in which the story world is our real world, but it becomes apparent that something is weirdly different. That weird difference is totally taken in stride by the characters in the story. So fun! It's also in the style of the fairy tale, with a lot of "telling" and little dialogue. I think it would make a good read-aloud. [Read more at The Christian Fantasy Review.]
Phyllis Wheeler

Mr. Merrill's Extraordinary Driving Cap

(an excerpt)

Merrill found the cap in the store at closing time. The butter-soft, fine leather driving cap immediately reminded him of the British racing green MG classic he had seen parked a few times across the street. In fact, the leather looked a match for the upholstery of the MG. The cap rested between The Atlantic and Audubon in the periodical section of Merrill's Used and 1/2 Price Books and Magazines. It had been placed as carefully as if it, too, were merchandise displayed for sale.

Reviewing the customers of the day, Merrill recalled only a few regulars and semi-regulars. Some of the men wore hats: the teen-ager in a backward baseball cap, the postman, the artist who affected a beret, and the retired professor with a Tyrolean topper. The cap did not seem a match for any of them, but Merrill had not noticed the green MG in the neighborhood for a month or more.

Merrill turned the cap over in his hands, looking for markings. There was not even a manufacturer's label or size tag. He enjoyed the smell and feel of the leather and could not resist placing the cap on his head. He thought of Walter Mitty and pictured himself in tweed golf knickers. With another adjustment of the bill, he imagined himself stepping into the British sports car. The fantasy passed, but Merrill wore the cap as he worked, planning to place it on a shelf behind the counter. Doubtless the owner would come looking for it.

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